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Bothell American Legion #127


We want to make sure our Legion family takes advantage of the opportunity available in your own backyard!!! Ask yourself the following:

     1. Are any of your current medical conditions related, in any way, to my military service?

     2. If I am receiving VA disability benefits, has my condition worsened since receiving my

         last disability rating (percentage)?

     3. Do I have my DD214 and do my family members know where it is located?

     4. Am I a war-era veteran unable to work due to my health (over age 65) with limited   


     5. Am I enrolled in the VA Healthcare System?

     6. Do I know what benefits are available to me as the widow(er) of a veteran?

To get more information, you can call the Post at (425) 483-5599 or e-mail at to schedule an appointment and find out more about obtaining the benefits you or your family members are entitled to.

Any other general questions or concerns please call the Bothell American Legion at (425) 483-5599 or e-mail at, including a call back number and a brief description for your call.  We will get the answers and call you back.  Speak slowly and clearly to ensure that we get all the information correct. 

Thank you,

Wayne Strand





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